We take care of everyone's health

We want to make people aware of their health, ensuring that they can feel safe anytime, anywhere, by accessing a fast and reliable platform.

Our manifesto

  1. We believe that healthcare is about care and not only to cure.
  2. We create a world where well-being is everyone’s right.
  3. We are people who want to discover, grow and innovate.
  4. We want to make people aware of their health.
  5. We believe that simplicity makes accessible.
  6. We imagine a better future.

easydoctor team

Fabio Vantaggiato

Ceo & Co-founder

Marco Di Pilla

Business Innovation & Co-founder

Emma Vitiello

Chief Marketing & Co-founder

Marta Buccella

UX & UI Designer

News & Press

goals cura

For a more sustainable cared future

Our company has integrated objectives of positive impact on society into its corporate purpose. We are committed to supporting the third Development Goals: Good Health & WellBeing to succeed in creating a society where health is a right for all.

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