Optimise booking of visits and exams for administration doctors patients

Make booking accessible within your organisation, streamlining the processes for health services.

Simplifies booking for patients and health workers

Use the digital scheduling system to book tele-visits, visits and examinations, initiate team teleconsultations, automate pre-event reminders and measure activities with the patient.

Saving time

Save your employees’ time and offer patients the speed they are already used to through digital booking.

Increase accessibility

Avoid overloading your phones’ lines and offer digitised patients services that meet their needs and habits.

Processes' automation

Automate internal and external processes through a three-level agenda that satisfies doctor, patient and administration.

How to use booking system

For a group of clinics

The administration of a group can create, edit and view individual clinics located throughout the territory. It has support access to individual clinics and can view the overall statistics of individual centres.

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For a single clinic

The administration of a centre can set up the list of doctors in the centre, managing the availability of doctors’ time slots and displaying total analyses on the number of active visits, examinations and treatment paths.

For a doctor

The doctor can create, edit or delete appointments and through booking system can create virtual rooms for teleconsultations and televisits quickly and easily, monitoring the time spent on each activity dedicated to the care of his patients.

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The doctor establishes his or her availability and the patient can book directly. The booking is automatically confirmed and a reminder is sent before the event with the link to connect to.

The settings in the doctor’s agenda can be changed by the doctor and the administrative staff of the centre where he or she works.

Easydoctor is GDPR Compliant, as it uses European servers for data storage. It is currently ISO 9001 certified, which guarantees quality standards for business processes that also impact our services.

3 good reasons for getting in contact with usa!

By 2024 all healthcare providers must be digitalised.

The European Union has earmarked over 5 billion for post-covid recovery.

✅ In Italy, more than 8 billion will be invested in innovation, research and digitalisation of national health services in the coming months.