Educate & empower doctors patients nurses with conversional AI

From clinical development to commercialisation, involve your customers throughout their journey with conversational agents and voice assistants who are available to answer important questions about the disease and the product.

Our integrations

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Our conversational solutions

Patient support program

Patient support programmes provide necessary information and education for patients and consumers:

  • Information and resources on the disease
  • Increased therapeutic adherence
  • Access to nurses or other health professionals

Clinical trial solution

Today launching and conducting clinical trials is a challenge. Conversational AI solutions are powerful in engaging both trial participants and investigators:

  • Patient recruitment and pre-screening
  • Patient management and data collection
  • Digital therapy

Marketing Solution

Doctors and patients ask for better access to information in a customized way.

  • Information on services offered
  • Health education campaigns
  • Interactive and engaging content

The 5 steps for a succesfull development

We support you at every stage of the project: from the definition of services to their implementation.

3 good reasons for getting in contact with usa!

By 2024 all healthcare providers must be digitalised.

The European Union has earmarked over 5 billion for post-covid recovery.

✅ In Italy, more than 8 billion will be invested in innovation, research and digitalisation of national health services in the coming months.