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easydoctor is a secure, flexible, and multitouch Digital Patient Engagement platform that supports healthcare facilities in assisting people in their health journeys, enabling easy and efficient data collection and overall improved doctor-patient communication.

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What is Digital Patient Engagement?

Digital Patient Engagement (DPE) refers to the use of digital technologies to involve patients in the management of their own health.

I vantaggi del digital patient engagement

easydoctor, the Ideal Platform for Digital Patient Engagement, 100% Made In Italy

easydoctor is the first digital platform that allows healthcare professionals to create fully personalized digital health journeys to enhance the outcomes and experience of their patients.


Our multitouch platform enables reaching patients through their preferred touchpoints to enhance their experience and increase engagement.

Health Path Builder

The exclusive technology of easydoctor allows healthcare professionals to independently or with our assistance create highly personalized Digital Health Paths.

Software as a Service

The availability of the easydoctor platform in Software as a Service (SaaS) mode, with a convenient annual per-user subscription, allows for adopting it with affordable initial costs and ongoing scalability according to one’s needs.

Safe and certified

We ensure high standards of quality and data security, providing a customizable and reliable platform to enhance patient experience and healthcare facility efficiency.

Interoperability among systems

Thanks to its API-based architecture (Application Programming Interface), easydoctor is easily integratable with leading EHR software and all other software in use.

More value from data

easydoctor follows the principles of Value-Based Health Care to assist healthcare professionals in measuring and improving health outcomes and patient experience.

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Discover easydoctor's Digital Health Paths

easydoctor improves communication with patients throughout all phases of the care experience, enabling more effective dialogue in various occasions and life moments.


Digitize patient welcome, providing them with a personalized, immediate, and effective welcoming experience that highlights your attention towards them.


It allows doctors and healthcare facilities to comprehensively, efficiently, and securely collect patients' medical history, improving diagnostic accuracy and the treatment process.


Built in collaboration with clinics to help patients improve their lifestyle and prevent the onset of diseases, they provide personalized and secure information to the patient.


During pregnancy, the health path monitor the health of the mother and the fetus, offering constant and personalized support to pass through this delicate phase, even for fathers.

Chronic disease

Patients with chronic diseases can benefit from specific Health Paths to effectively manage therapies, monitor symptoms, and adhere to treatment, thus improving their quality of life.


The Paths help patients recover their health and independence in a gradual and customizable way, providing informations and monitoring the impact of therapies on quality of life.
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Our Story

Easy Health is a benefit company established in early 2021 with the aim of bringing the benefits of digital technology to improve people’s health and care.

We are a team composed of specialized professionals in product development, business development, and technology.

From the very beginning, we sought to obtain ISO 9001 certification to ensure our commitment to safeguarding patients and their data, as well as our dedication to the satisfaction of clients and partners who choose to work with us.

"Our health is the most important thing we have.
If we want to preserve it, we must be willing to change
our habits and become aware of
how our behaviors impact it."

Fabio Vantaggiato ceo easydoctor

Fabio Vantaggiato


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