Support, engage and educate patients through health paths

We co-design health paths to actively engage patients through a conversational interface.

Improve patient experience with health paths

By combining technology with human behaviour, we have built a conversational interface that use artificial intelligence and empathy to personalise the patient experience and direct them to the right care and information, optimising costs.

Real World Evidence

Thanks to the collection of structured data, doctors are able to customise therapies and prevention paths.

Personalized medicine

Surveys, tips and tailor-made articles help patients to learn more about their health and their loved ones.

Continous care

Ensure you can follow patients in different stages of a screening or treatment process that supports and informs them.

The types of health paths

Prevention paths

Realise digital screening paths, accompanying patients in understanding their health status and making them aware of the correct lifestyle to adopt.

Treatment paths

Design treatment pathwas to monitor the course of the disease in order to intervene early, personalise treatment and increase patient adherence to treatment.

Collect data through reported outcomes

Through the conversational interface you can collect directly from the patient and wearable devices the information needed to improve the therapy in order to personalise it.

Find out the right solutions for you


These are digital therapies that are created on medical and behavioural needs and enhanced by cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and Internet of Medical Things, delivering a digital service of personalised medicine.

From the scientific questionnaires, the path is made more accessible and understandable for patients. Thanks to a chatbot, data is collected and the user’s path is customised on the basis of his or her answers so that the required steps are carried out.

Easydoctor is GDPR Compliant, as it uses European servers for data storage. It is currently ISO 9001 certified, which guarantees quality standards for business processes that also impact our services.

3 good reasons for getting in contact with usa!

By 2024 all healthcare providers must be digitalised.

The European Union has earmarked over 5 billion for post-covid recovery.

✅ In Italy, more than 8 billion will be invested in innovation, research and digitalisation of national health services in the coming months.