Digital Health Paths:
better communication for better outcomes.

Dialogue with patients is essential to ensure high-quality personalized care. With Digital Health Paths, we assist healthcare professionals in gathering timely, comprehensive, and detailed information about patients’ health status to enhance the care experience.

More communication, more shared value.

The easydoctor platform is a Value-Based Health Care solution that allows you to improve patient outcomes by maximizing the value generated against the investments made.

Attention to data and interoperability with existing IT systems allows easydoctor to be inserted easily and safely into a wider information ecosystem, to the advantage of the duration of implementation and results over time.

We help you create the ideal Digital Health Paths for your patients

Our specialists are able to accompany healthcare providers in the development of effective and engaging Digital Health Paths, capable of improving therapeutic adherence and other key indicators through the active participation of patients in the treatment experience.

Thanks to the offer of personalized Digital Patient Engagement (DPE) experiences, it is possible to benefit from timely information collected over time, improve the quality of time spent with patients and the doctor-patient relationship in general.

Digital Health Paths suitable for every need

Thanks to its flexibility and modularity, easydoctor’s personalized Digital Health Paths can help improve many experiences, from medical history to prevention, from treatment to much more.


Immediately improve the relationship with the patient

With easydoctor you can create easy and intuitive digital acceptance and onboarding experiences right from the first contact with the patient, to collect all the necessary data in a complete, efficient and GDPR-compliant way, from personal data to the main clinical information, from consents to much other.

The ready availability of this information allows health professionals to spend more time with patients and their needs, improving the quality of the visit experience and the doctor-patient relationship.


Rapid and efficient digital anamnesi

An accurate anamnesis is essential for a correct diagnosis of patients and for making the right therapeutic choices. Thanks to the use of the easydoctor platform and the proposal of a digital experience to patients, it is possible to improve this process with a guided, efficient, accurate and safe data collection.

Furthermore, thanks to the possibility of personalizing the experience, it is possible to ask only for the information that is actually relevant, saving time for patients and improving the relationship.


Develop digital prevention paths to help patients get better

easydoctor allows you to create personalized digital prevention paths, during which it is possible both to collect complete and detailed information from patients on their state of health and their familiarity, and to propose educational content that is easy to use and assimilate.

Thanks to the possibility of personalizing the experience and the multi-touch approach, it is possible to adapt the path to the peculiarities of each patient, improving adherence to the prevention path and its effectiveness.

Chronic Disease

Improve clinical outcomes, but also human ones: it is a challenge to be overcome together.

To live a better life in the presence of a chronic disease, it is important that patients learn specific attentions, gestures and attitudes, developing the awareness of having a primary role in their health journey.

easydoctor can facilitate this process thanks to the possibility for patients to:

  • easily and promptly collect health information that is immediately available in digital format for doctors
  • enjoy educational content specially designed for the needs of patients
  • receive support to improve their treatment adherence


Help patients recover lost functionality sooner and better

Rehabilitation processes often require patients to be constantly committed for very long periods, and the quality of the relationship between doctor and patient is paradigmatic for improving clinical and non-clinical outcomes.

Thanks to the quality of the interaction experience made possible by easydoctor, it is easier to engage patients in the rehabilitation process, promptly collecting useful information to personalize the treatment experience and improve adherence to the therapeutic protocol.


Accompany pregnant women on a path of greater well-being

Pregnancy is an experience made up of continuous changes, in which it is advisable to pay particular attention to the health of both the pregnant woman and the fetus (or fetuses) she is carrying.

Thanks to the easydoctor platform, it is possible to design and make available to pregnant women and the people accompanying them digital health paths capable of helping to collect timely data to make sure that everything is going well and/or manage any complications in an optimal way, and at the same time share useful resources and information to help face this life experience with greater serenity and security.

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