The power of Digital Health for pharma med-tech hospitals

We design digital health services through a white-label platform with telemedicine features powered by Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Medical Things.

Powerful technology inspired by human behaviours

We inspire and contribute to health and well-being of every person through the first Saas platform for healthcare that combines technology, design and innovation with the aim of making care better and more effective.


Our projects start from people’s needs: it is essential to analyse users’ behaviour and needs before designing the final product.


We build a solution together with specialists, companies, doctors and innovators to satisfy medical needs in order to have an impact on people.


We adopt an approach of continuous improvement and incremental value distribution in order to achieve results for all stakeholders.

More than a software

Design from people’s needs a customised digital health product with different features.

Through our three-step co-design methodology, we will create the experience patients will love, translating frustrations and needs into easy and supportive interactions. We will design treatment paths through rapid prototyping and iterate until we find the right combination of features that maximise value and speed to market.


1. Discover

We define the needs of healthcare professionals and target patients to break down barriers to solution adoption and validate the real needs of all stakeholders.

Cosa ottieni?

  • Patient journey attuale
  • Patient Journey futura digitalizzata
  • 10 interviste che validano i problemi

2. Prototype

We design the solution with interactions and validate it, involving the patients and doctors who will use it, to understand the implicit and explicit usability needs.

Cosa ottieni?

  • Prototipo piattaforma
  • Interviste di validazione con i futuri utenti

3. Deliver

We develop and deliver the validated digital product with the core enabling technology to which we can integrate subsequent services or enhancements.

Cosa ottieni?

  • Prodotto finale integrabile con parti terze
  • Dati criptati per ricerche e migliorie dei servizi

Find out the right solutions for you

3 good reasons for getting in contact with usa!

By 2024 all healthcare providers must be digitalised.

The European Union has earmarked over 5 billion for post-covid recovery.

✅ In Italy, more than 8 billion will be invested in innovation, research and digitalisation of national health services in the coming months.