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easydoctor is a digital patient engagement platform that allows you to communicate safely and flexibly with patients and collect their data simply and efficiently.

Piattaforma di Digital Patient Engagement

The first Health Path Builder to create customize Paths

easydoctor allows healthcare facilities and healthcare professionals to offer their patients safe, intuitive and personalized digital experiences, supporting the Value-Based Health Care approach to maximize patient value and improve clinical outcomes and care efficiency .

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The right touchpoint for each patient

Thanks to its multi-touch flexibility, easydoctor allows users to interact in different ways, from web browsing to mobile applications; with different devices, from the computer to the smartphone and, soon, also by voice.

The goal is to guarantee a personalized, comfortable and safe experience within the paths, for a patient-centered approach and in line with the principles of Value-Based Health Care.

Flexibility in the choice of interaction methods can bring benefits to the doctor-patient relationship and encourage greater therapeutic adherence.

The conversation that makes the difference

The conversational approach offers patients a natural and immediate communication experience, improving the effectiveness of the information to be provided and increasing their engagement with your healthcare facility.

Thanks to the conversational chatbot available with easydoctor, patients can communicate with their doctors and their facilities in an easy and intuitive way, improving the quality of the interaction. The use of adequate language, combined with the ease of the experience, can help reduce any anxieties and improve trust in the overall relationship.

Several studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of the approach in several aspects:

Sicurezza dei dati sanitari

Highest level of security for patient data

easydoctor offers a platform designed to guarantee maximum privacy and data security, integrating the privacy legislation from the beginning of the development process, providing for the pseudonymisation of data and the use of special servers located in the European Union.

The platform complies with European data privacy and security regulations, such as the GDPR, ensuring the protection of patients’ personal data.

Our experts are able to accompany doctors and structures in the development of digital patient engagement experiences that comply with the law. The quality of our safety standards is guaranteed by the ISO 9001 certification.

API-first architecture

We can easily integrate with leading EHR software used in healthcare facilities, ensuring better patient information management and greater teamwork efficiency.

Our technology is also able to integrate with insurance software and other applications, enabling a seamless and integrated workflow for comprehensive patient health management. With easydoctor, applications work together to offer a more complete and personalized treatment experience.

API della piattaforma di easydoctor
Piattaforma data driven

Better decisions guided by data

Thanks to patient data analysis and integration with healthcare systems, easydoctor supports evidence-based clinical decisions, improving the quality of care provided to patients. Our platform guarantees an efficient and structured collection of patient data, which can be used to obtain valuable information on the effectiveness of treatments and on the impact of therapies on patient health.

Furthermore, the easydoctor database allows you to make better management decisions, as it provides useful information for resource management and optimization of healthcare services. Our personalized approach to patient care is based on the accurate collection and analysis of data, which allows us to offer personalized and highly effective care solutions.

Ready to use platform

easydoctor is a cloud-based software solution using the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This means you don’t need to invest in expensive hardware or software infrastructure to start using our platform.

Starting a path for your patients with easydoctor is quick and easy: in a few weeks you can use our conversational chatbot to support patients in their health paths within the facility.

Furthermore, thanks to the subscription model, it is possible to take advantage of easydoctor by paying a simple annual cost. This way, healthcare facilities can enjoy an up-to-date and customized solution, without worrying about high upfront costs or unforeseen maintenance expenses.

Piattaforma Saas di Digital Patient Engagement

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