Visit patients in remote with teleconsultation

Use teleconsultation safely to optimise healthcare workers’ time and increase patients’ retention.

Increase the accessibility of your health services with teleconsultation

With teleconsultation, you ensure continuity, efficiency and customisation of care, diagnosis and treatment processes even for patients who cannot reach their doctors. 

Saving time

Optimise healthcare workers’ time and offer patients a service that will make their journeys easier.

Increase accessibility

Reach out to those who cannot be physically present, providing them with the best possible care.

Libera gli spazi

Avoid overcrowding facilities for visits where it is not strictly necessary to meet in person.

How to use teleconsultation

First visit

At the first meeting between doctor and patient, the first 10 minutes are spent getting to know the person’s medical history up to the reason for the visit. Doing explorative examinations directly online, when an objective examination is not necessary. Save time and energy, avoiding unnecessary travel and overcrowding of facilities.

Follow-up visits

For chronic and non-chronic diseases, patients have to make follow-up visits, both during and after treatment. For example, for cancer patients, follow-up visits can last for more than 15 years. Thanks to teleconsultation, unnecessary and tiring travel for patients, as well as overcrowding in facilities, can be avoided.


Europe is the second continent with the highest demand for second opinions after the United States. In Italy alone, at least one in ten people travel to other regions every year to seek a second opinion in centres of excellence. With teleconsultation, the number of patients offered the service can be expanded, reaching those who cannot afford a trip.

Psychological counselling

Across Europe, the number of people with depression or anxiety has increased by more than 20% since COVID-19. Video counselling makes psychotherapy more accessible to those who find it difficult due to time or financial conditions, saving unnecessary travel.

Équipe in teleconsultation

12.5 million Italians suffer from two or more chronic diseases. Thanks to teleconsultation, doctors can compare clinical cases in order to improve care and speed up the work of the patient’s team.

Find out the right solutions for you


The doctor determines whether a teleconsultation is sufficient and the patient can book directly according to availability. It is automatically confirmed and a reminder is sent before the event with the link to connect to.

For certain clinical cases, there is a need for teamwork that can be facilitated by online collaborations, creating an event with the doctors involved in the patient’s care pathway. A doctor invites colleagues by checking their availability. Before the meeting, a reminder is sent to the whole team.

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By 2024 all healthcare providers must be digitalised.

The European Union has earmarked over 5 billion for post-covid recovery.

✅ In Italy, more than 8 billion will be invested in innovation, research and digitalisation of national health services in the coming months.