We empower people stay healthy

Make prevention with engaging surveys and digital care with personal device monitoring 

Healthcare become easy !

easydoctor helps people who want to be accompanied on prevention and care journeys with a frictionless digital experience.

We partner with leading life sciences and healthcare companies to understand health and disease.


One app for your health

Prevention Journey

You can understand your state of Health through Prevention Surveys build in partnership with leading life sciences and healthcare companies. 
Tell Eddy, our empathetic chatbot, how you feel and receive health points to use in the platform. 
Eddy will be drive you in the best prevention path, based on your answers:

1. Receive advice from expert
2. Book appointment with doctor


Proactive Health

We unlock new insights to deliver better outcomes for therapies to patients who need them. We choose a  proactive and  preventative method enabled by personal device.

Medical records with you

You upload your health information and we take care of its.

We collect, digitize and encrypt all your medical records. Everything become easier: your clinical history directly in your smartphone.

Health records


Your private info stay private


The GDPR & HIPPA compliance standards to operate in EU and US.


We encrypt information at record level.


Full control

You are the controller of your information, we don’t sell your data.



They believe in us

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goals cura

For a more sustainable future

Our company has integrated objectives of positive impact on society into its corporate purpose. We are committed to supporting the third Development Goals: Good Health & WellBeing to succeed in creating a society where health is a right for all.


Do you want to meet us?

Fabio Vantaggiato

CEO & Co-Founder

La Leggia

Chief of Reasearch & Co-founder